Tuesday, 25 October 2011

SMS By VS guru Dated on 04.07.2010

Once An Old Man Was Sitting On A Bench Of Garden With His 25 Years Old Son,There Was A Tree Beside The Bench.Old Man Saw A Bird Sitting On The Tree..

He Asked The Son What Is This?  Son Replied.Its A Crow.The Old Man Asked Again  What Is This? Son Said I Already told u ,That is A Crow.The Old Man Again Asked What Is This? Son Angrily said, Are You Deaf or Mad,Papa? How Many Times To Tell You Its A Crow. Can't You Understand? 

Old man Patiently Replied, My Dear Son, When You Were 5years Old, You Asked Me 174 times, The Same Question,I Replied Every time With A Kiss, That's Its A Crow,I Asked You 3Times, and You Were Irritated.

Its The Difference Between The Love Of Parents And Love From Children !

and... commented as follows:

So feel the transformation in nature principle. All whims and Fancy's are with human mind but not at heart. Heart is the base of Transformation. Wisdom come from Human Values.

Desires are only wave in ocean. Wave is not Ocean. Only at periphery of egoistic nature of mind. As struggle between wisdom & Desire does happen serenity is always with wisdom and long lasting. 

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